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Agency Power HONDA TALON | 1000R | 1000X | Passenger Grab Bar w/lug wrench

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Honda Talon 1000R 2018 - 2020
Honda Talon 1000X 2018 - 2020

  • Can be used as a lug wrench
  • Thru-hole to use accessories
  • Bottle Opener on the bottom
  • ODI Flanged grips for comfort
  • Powder Coated Gloss Red or Matte Black


Agency Power has developed one of the most versatile passenger grab bars ever made for the Honda Talon. It is designed with comfort and utility in mind. When removed, the grab bar can be used as a lug wrench to take your wheels off on the fly. Since some aftermarket wheels require different lug nuts or use a lug adapter, we have integrated a 17mm and 19mm socket on each side of the handles. Being 20 inches long to adjust in or out for your passenger, the T-handle also provides massive leverage so breaking loose lugs is effortless. With the thru-hole into the bar, you will be able to attach accessories like phone holders, action camera mount, thread on cup holders, and many other options. The functionality of this grab bar doesn't stop there though. On the bottom side is a bottle opener that eliminates the need for a separate keychain. Agency Power has opted to use ODI flanged grips for maximum comfort. This bar is available in gloss red or matte black powder coat finishes. With the laser cut AP badge stamped on the front, there is no doubt people will wonder where you got it from.