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Agency Power HONDA TALON | 1000R | 1000X | Utility Cargo Gate

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Honda Talon 1000R 2018 - 2020
Honda Talon 1000X 2018 - 2020

  • 1.0 x .095 Thick Steel Tubing
  • Uses Factory Mounting Locations
  • Powder coated Gloss Red or Gloss Black
  • No Hardware Needed
  • No Modification / Cutting Needed
  • Only Weighs 5 Lbs.
The Honda Talon 1000R | 1000X body features a large cargo space to carry your cooler, tools, or whatever else you can imagine. However, since the Honda Talon does not have a tailgate these riding extras can disappear out of the bed with some hard acceleration or bumps and whoops. This is why Agency Power has developed an awesome rear cargo gate that is suitable for Honda Talon owners needs! As a premium SXS, the Honda Talon needs a product that fits its style. The Agency Power cargo gate was engineered with all types of riders in mind. It is tall enough to keep your accessories secure, but made with a slight dip in the upper frame to allow for easier loading.

The Agency Power cargo gate is constructed of 1.0 x .095 thick steel tubing making it incredibly strong. Utilizing four factory mounting locations, the cargo gate is extremely rigid while keeping your cargo secure. Our design does not require the need to drill holes or trim plastic to fit. No hardware is needed either since the cargo gate bolts to where factory plastic trim is mounted. Each Agency Power cargo gate for the Talon is available in a powder coated finish of gloss red or gloss black. These colors make for a sleek look to finish off the rear end of the Honda Talon.