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Agency Power CAN-AM MAVERICK X3 (2017-2019) Intercooler Upgrade

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Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo 2016 - 2019
*Includes Both 2dr and 4dr Models

  • Greatly Increased Thermal Efficiency Compared to Stock
  • Massive 12"x11"x4" Bar and Plate Core for Maximum Efficiency
  • Cast Aluminum End Tanks Add Strength And Durability
  • OEM Sized Inlet and Outlet Ensures Comparability With Stock or Aftermarket Intercooler Pipes
  • Direct-Fit Replacement, No Cutting Needed
  • Compatible with OEM Fan and Shroud
  • Raw Aluminum Finish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


We designed the Can-Am Maverick X3 intercooler upgrade for the 2020 model year to be the best-performing, most efficient intercooler on the market. The Agency Power intercooler sees improvements across the board, no matter if the vehicle is factory fresh or a heavily modified machine.

Heat is the enemy. Heat soak from an inadequate intercooler causes high intake temps, robbing power from the engine. When the intake temp is too hot, the computer pulls timing in an effort to reduce detonation. To effectively reduce charge air temperatures, we utilize a massive 12"x11"x4" bar-and-plate aluminum core. This offers significantly more air volume than a stock Maverick X3 intercooler and increases the surface area available to be cooled by outside air passing over the cooling fins. We have also greatly increased the fin density, which allows for even more contact and it does so with virtually no boost pressure drop.

Agency Power employs a team of engineers who have a passion for perfection in function and form. We set out with two goals in mind; maximizing the engine's efficiency paired with perfect fitment. Our team optimized the intercooler size in order to maximize core volume while retaining factory shrouds. Absolutely no cutting or modification is needed to the vehicle. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory intercooler, this upgrade utilizes the OEM fan and intercooler duct cover. It also works with the factory intercooler hoses or Agency Power blow off valve hose.