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Agency Power CAN-AM MAVERICK X3 2017 Intercooler Fan Upgrade

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Can-Am X3 Turbo XRS/XDS 2017


  • SPAL OEM Can-Am Fan
  • Can-Am Plug and Play Connector


Upgrade your Can-Am X3 with 154hp to the 2018+ Can-Am X3 with 172hp using this new fan upgrade from Agency Power. The horsepower upgrade requires a 2018+ Can-Am X3 fuel pump, ECU tune, and this fan. If you are researching this part, you will see you can only buy the intercooler with the fan from the dealer. That is a $675+ part! The OEM manufacture of the fan is by SPAL of Italy. These were directly made for Can-Am to handle the increase in horsepower by using a more powerful electric motor and different fan blade design. This increases the CFM which helps keep the charge temperatures down and the power up! This is an absolutely MUST have for any 2017 Can-Am X3 owner. It can also be used as a direct OEM replacement of the stock one should anything happen to it. Agency Power has put the correct connector on the SPAL fan to make this a 100% plug and play design.