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Agency Power CAN-AM X3 TURBO Adjustable Blow Off Valve with Silicone Hose Kit

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Can-Am Maverick X3 (2016-2019)

*Not compatible with NON intercooled machines

  • 3 Ply silicone construction
  • Adjustable Vent to atmosphere blow off valve
  • Stealth black look
  • Includes vacuum block
  • Made in the USA


The purpose of a Blow Off Valve is not just to sound cool, but it is designed to release the pressure that is built up in the charge side of the turbo system. The Can-Am X3 is a rocket with an ECU flash and exhaust reaching near 200 horsepower. The pressure in the turbo system has nowhere to go when you lift off the throttle. Achieving 17-18psi of boost, this pressure can cause turbulence to the impeller slowing down the spool of the turbo and causing premature wear. By installing a blow off valve, you can improve boost response, prolong the life of the turbo, and of course, get that cool swoosh sound!

If you want to install a blow off valve on the Can-Am X3, there is one problem No place for it! However, this is now possible with the Agency Power silicone blow off valve hose kit and adjustable blow off valve. The kit is designed to connect to the compressor side of your turbo and the plastic charge tube. This 3 ply black silicone tube allows you to install our adjustable blow off valve with a 1 inch flange. The smooth inside of the silicone tube helps eliminate any turbulence caused by OEM corrugated designs. To run a blow off valve on the X3, you need to pull vacuum which keeps the valve shut under boost. Because there is no pressure source to tap into, we also include a special machined fitting which fits on to your intake manifold.

The blow off valve is what separates this kit apart from others. The CNC machined aluminum valve features a piston and spring design to provide sharp boost response when needed. The spring has been spec to accommodate the needs of the Can-Am X3 turbo system. Designed as a vent to atmosphere valve, it releases the built up charge pressure giving you a loud whoooosh sound when you let off the throttle. The top portion of the valve can be turned 360 degrees allowing you to adjust the stiffness of the spring. This gives you the control of when you want the blow off valve to release pressure. Each valve is anodized black and features the Agency Power cursive logo laser engraved.