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Agency Power POLARIS RZR | XP 1000 | RS1 | XP TURBO | Carbon Fiber Exhaust Shield

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  • Polaris RZR XP 1000/XP 4 1000
    Polaris RZR XP/XP 4 Turbo


  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Designed as an OEM replacement
  • Lightweight Design
  • Made in the USA

‚ The rear of the Polaris RZR 1000 or Turbo is usually visually enhanced by an exhaust system.‚  Some exhausts give you great‚  ‚ performance but not a great‚  ‚ look.‚  The new Agency Power carbon fiber exhaust shield is a great way to give the back of your Polaris‚  ‚ RZR some real style.‚  The full carbon fiber shield is‚  ‚ designed as a complete replacement for the factory black plastic unit.‚  It will fit‚  ‚ with‚  most aftermarket exhaust systems that use the stock mounting‚  ‚ brackets‚  and can fit the stock cover.‚  Because the carbon fiber‚  ‚ shield is designed after the factory unit, it will also fit with most OEM style rear bumper bars‚  ‚ and cages.‚  The carbon fiber shield is also‚  ‚ designed to hold up to the intense heat that the exhaust omits.‚  Working with the stock metal shield, the carbon‚  ‚ fiber keeps looking‚  ‚ brilliant even after hammering your car around the track or trails.‚  Agency Power has been in the carbon fiber business for many‚  ‚ years.‚  ‚  Our high-quality carbon components have been used in many applications from racing seats to exotic vehicle parts.‚  The‚  ‚ carbon fiber scoop is a standard‚  ‚ 2ƒ2 weave that has been finished in a high gloss clear coat.‚  The carbon fiber exhaust shield is a‚  ‚ great aesthetic part to truly set you apart from other‚  ‚ Polaris RZR owners!