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POLARIS | RZR PRO XP 2020 - 2021 | RZR TURBO 2021 | Sandstorm CVT Drive Belt

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2020-2021 RZR PRO XP

2021 RZR Turbo

Replacement for OEM # 3211202

Why Sandstorm Belts?

Trinity racing makes one of the most rugged, strongest, and longest-lasting belts available for your high-performance side by side! The belt is designed for any riding condition. sand, dirt, mud, trails, and more! These belts are superior to OEM and S compound quality, higher tensile strength cord construction, and DUMAX top cog compound to retain cord rigidity and better adhesion of top cog to cord construction. Aramid Fiber impregnated in bottom cogs Bottom side cog machining for a better and more exact belt to sheave cohesion equals less slippage, less heat, and smoother engagement. Specifically designed for high HP units or for performance side by side.

Compression Compound

4X stronger than any OEM and aftermarket belt on the market for cord pop-out resistance. High-temperature, heat-resistant polymer DUMAX, with directionally-oriented fibers under the base cord construction. Will handle the power heat/friction for maximum power transfer through clutches. Engineered to keep maximum under-cord stiffness across the belt while giving a stable cord construction base and allowing the belt to flex for efficiency and cool running temperatures. Helps retain cord line position wont expand or bulge out under top cog under squeeze pressure.


Next-generation, ultra-strong Aramid fiber cord (S and E Compound models) can handle/carry more than 10,000 pounds of tension without stretching or breaking. E-Compound Turbo Belts use Aramid Fibers with DUMAX, a high-temperature compound.

Top Cog

Next-generation cog design with DUMAX compound for above-cord strength, flexibility, and heat resistance. This is a must for today's high-horsepower/high-torque motor/clutch applications.

- 1 Year Warranty if used with Trinity Racing clutch kit