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POLARIS RZR | TURBO | TURBO S | PRO XP | Trinity Racing Boost Tube

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RZR Turbo XP/XP4 2016-2020

RZR Turbo S/S4 2018-2019

RZR Pro XP 2020

Why Trinity Racing Boost Tube

The Trinity Racing Boost Tube is a high-performance upgrade for the Polaris RZR XP Turbo and RZR Pro XP. This kit does not include a blow-off valve and air filter.

Designed to outlive your RZR, its 4-layer reinforced silicone walls can handle the elevated pressures and temperatures that are present in stock or modified trim. When it ‚Äö s time to relieve the pressure as the throttle closes the included blow-off-valve can be configured to recirculate the air back into the stock plenum or vent it to atmosphere through the air filter. A provision to re-use the original TMAP sensor is incorporated using an included adapter